Ryan Short Marine Services Pty Ltd

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Ryan Short Marine Services is Sydney’s premier boat service and marine maintenance facility. Our passion for excellence runs two generations deep and we are fully committed to providing our rapidly growing customer base with professional and personalised customer service. 

If you are looking for top-quality marine services in Sydney, come and visit us at our first-class facility, conveniently located at Ferguson’s Marina in Sydney’s Middle Harbour. It is fully equipped with a 31 Tonne Travel Lift. This means we have the capacity to lift boats up to 31 tonnes at up to 62ft. Imagine lifting 5 adult male elephants, or 3 cruise ship anchors – that is the outstanding lifting power of our boat lift. Our facility is also equipped with an impressive 64 feet of hardstand storage that helps us provide you with unmatched and exceptional marine services.

Sit back and relax at Ferguson’s Boatshed, a beach side cafe located next door and watch us work our magic. Enjoy a coffee or a leisurely lunch in full view of your vessel on our slipway, while our experts get to work on making your boat seaworthy.

Not to worry if you can’t join us at the boatshed, we understand that recent events can make it difficult to make it down. As part of our commitment to providing proactive service to our customers, we can send you a comprehensive report complete with photos of the maintenance service from start to finish. If you prefer minimal disruption to your daily routine, we go the extra mile by picking and dropping off your boat to and from our slipway at your convenience.

If you’re looking for outstanding Sydney marine services, look no further than Ryan Short Marine Services (RSMS). Don’t be left on land, come boating season. Have our certified service team make sure you’re ready to create exciting memories on the water.