Clean Marinas

The International Clean Marina Program is an international, voluntary accreditation system for marinas, boatyards, and associated industry operators. The goal of the Clean Marina Program is to reduce ‘non-point source pollution’ associated with boating/marina facilities, and to promote clean water, clean air and thriving marina industry businesses.

By choosing a Clean Marina customers can be assured that the facility has systems and processes in place to protect and enhance inland and coastal waterways.

The program involves independent assessment, generally by an environmental consultant, of over 60 criteria across all aspects of the marina’s operation including compliance, facility management, emergency preparedness and boater education.

Fish Friendly

Many marinas also proactively seek to improve fish habitats and consider this when designing their marina facilities. This may include infrastructure initiatives such as allowing more light under the pontoons through the use of mesh, the creation of rock shelters and the implementation of policies such as banning fishing off the marinas. Marinas that meet the accreditation requirements can certify as Fish Friendly marinas. These marinas and the abundant sea life below them make beautiful places to moor your vessel. You can read more about how marinas create Fish Friendly environments here.

Eliminate Single Use Plastics

If you see this logo, you know it means that the marina has signed a pledge to eliminate single use plastics from its business by 2025.

The marina industry recognises it relies on having clean waterways and a pristine marine environment for its customers and stakeholders to enjoy. The industry further accepts its collective responsibility as custodians to protect and enhance the maritime environment as its highest priority. Those marinas that sign the Pledge and display this symbol are publicly committing to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of single use plastics from their business. Read the Pledge here.