Superyacht Ready


Superyacht Ready is an accreditation that Gold Anchor marinas & boatyards can choose to accredit under to signal to superyacht owners and captains that the facility is able to accommodate the specialised needs of superyachts.

The program involves an independent assessment across a range of criteria including suitability of berthing/ lifting capacities, facilities for owners and crew, availability of utilities, easy access (from water and shore), access to ancillary services and provisions and the availability of proactive, qualified and attentive marina staff.

Due to their size and purpose, the services the demanded by owners & charterers, their consumption, the number of permanent crew required to manage the vessel and their maintenance needs, superyachts require specialised services, facilities, and access from the marinas and shipyards they dock at. The Superyacht Ready accreditation can give the assurance that these needs can be met as the marina or boatyard has been assessed against the strict criteria of the program which was developed by superyacht industry professionals, captains and owners.